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Over the years on our little homestead, we’ve purchased a lot of seeds, and below are links to our three favorite online seed companies.

Here at Advantage Meals, we believe that good food is the foundation of a good life.  From the state-licensed kitchen on our small farm, we’ve been providing home-cooked meals and diet coaching for our clients for the last 15 years.  At the core of that service is our belief in whole foods sourced as locally as possible.  From our own large organic garden to the the farmers market, or simply the best option available at the grocery store, everything we do starts with good food.

  1. Johnny’s Selected Seeds is an outstanding source for market farmer seeds, great tools for the smallest market farmer and up, and lots of resources to help the beginning farmer / gardener be successful.
  2. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a regional favorite of ours.  They offer a great selection of heirloom seeds that are hard to find anywhere else.  It’s always fun to add a few rare varieties to our garden that none of our friends have ever heard of.
  3. Seed Saver’s Exchange is a neat non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving heirloom seeds.  They made our list of favorites because it’s more of a movement than a business.  They even have local meetups of like-minded gardeners to exchange seeds.

Please check out our friends at these fine seed companies.  If you think you might someday find yourself wanting to start a cook from home business like ours, signup for our email list below.  Like-minded people should stick together, and maybe we can make the world a better place by creating more locally owned family businesses offering real food to their communities.

Stacey Davis

15 years of real experience helping people change the way they eat to meet their goals.  Stacey has actually prepared every specialty diet we discuss through the Meal Delivery Business that he co-founded with Angela.  He is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Home Brewer, Beekeeper and a Darn Good Cook.

Sharing is caring!

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