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Keto Eating Out – How to eat out on your Keto Diet

Wondering if you can dine out while eating a ketogenic diet? Keto eating out is not only possible, it's really not all that hard. Keto is a lifestyle, and there are always ways to incorporate your keto way of eating when a busy life or social event takes you out to a...

Upgrade Your Keto Diet

So, you’ve started eating a ketogenic diet. You know the basics of keto, and you’re keeping your carbs low and eating more fat. You’re following the 9 Rules for the First Three Weeks of Keto and doing great.  But could you be getting more out of your new keto way of...

3 Week Keto Challenge – Starting a Keto Diet Made Easier

What is the 3 Week Keto Challenge? The 3 Week Keto Challenge is a personal challenge where you choose to commit to three weeks of strict keto. During these three weeks, you'll aim to hit your ketogenic macros daily, as well as follow the other Rules of Keto.  Each day...

Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs

These are my for real, every day, go-to chocolate keto fat bomb treats.  This is a super easy keto recipe, and is really good. I eat several of these chocolate coconut fat bombs as snacks at least once a day and easily stay in ketosis. Coconut contains medium chain...

Free Printable Budget Keto Shopping List

Get the Free Coupon for our Budget Keto Shopping ListYou can purchase our popular Budget Keto Shopping List for just three bucks.However, if you want save to your three dollars and instead spend three minutes helping spread the word about Advantage Meals,...

Keto Eggnog Ice Cream – Low Carb Recipe

Eggnog Keto Ice Cream that is low-carb, keto-friendly, creamy, smooth and ridiculously simple. Who could ask for anything more? Perfect Low Carb Ice Cream for your Keto Christmas Celebrations With the holidays upon us, I have been all about the eggnog. I love eggnog,... - Advantage Meals

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