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99 Keto Tips For Beginners to the Ketogenic Diet

Below we’ve collected the 99 best Keto Diet tips and tricks for keto beginners as submitted by members of the Advantage Meals Keto Community.   These were submitted by people who have actually been where you are right now. We asked them all this simple question: “What...

Do Ketone Test Strips Go Bad?

  Yes, Ketone Test Strips go bad after being opened and exposed to the air.  A humid storage location, like a bathroom, will make them go bad even faster. Expiration Date on Ketone Test Strips Every bottle of test strips, regardless of the brand, has an...

Keto Weight Loss Stall – How Break a Keto Plateau

Has your weight loss stalled on keto?  Have you hit a keto plateau? Don’t worry, stalls are common on a keto diet, and your stalled weight loss is not permanent. You most likely just need to change things up a bit.  The 14 ways to break a keto stall are listed below,...

3 Week Keto Challenge – Starting a Keto Diet Made Easier

The 2019 Spring Keto Challenge Preparation Week has Started, but you still have time to join!  Signup below.   What is the 3 Week Keto Challenge? The 3 Week Keto Challenge is a personal challenge where you choose to commit to three weeks of strict keto.   The 2019...

Intermittent Fasting for Women with Bloating

Intermittent fasting has solved my bloating and I know other women deal with the same issues. Intermittent fasting of 12 to 24 hours has relieved my bloating and given me the flat tummy that I like. When eating a primarily primal or keto (ketogenic) diet, intermittent fasting is easy, safe, and very effective.

Cheating on Keto – Get Back into Ketosis Fast

Well, you did it. You fell off the keto wagon. You had a keto cheat day. You carb-loaded…a lot.  You had a beer and one piece of pizza…and then the rest of the six pack and the large pizza. You carb binged, and now you are no longer in ketosis.  How are you going to deal with your carb-adventure of cheating on your keto diet?  How are you going to get back into ketosis fast?

Are Radishes Keto? A Keto Vegetable

Are Radishes Keto? Yes, radishes are keto.  One medium radish only has 0.1 carb; that means you’d have to eat 10 radishes to have even 1 gram of carbs.  That’s a keto friendly vegetable! While ketogenic diet guidelines generally suggest that you avoid all root...

Being Tired on a Ketogenic Diet

Does the Keto Diet Make you tired? There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that the Keto Diet can make you feel crazy tired, but does it? From my personal experience and from coaching hundreds of keto clients, I can answer this question with confidence. Yes, the Keto...

Planting a Keto Diet Garden? – Best Keto Vegetables

What to grow in your Keto Diet Garden? Are you into growing your own food? There are lots of great keto-friendly vegetables that can be easily grown in a home garden. This article includes Affiliate Links.  20 Keto Garden Staples Asparagus - 1.8 Net Carbs in 3.5...

Is Thrive Market Cheaper? My Honest Thrive Market Review.

In full disclosure, I’ve been a regular customer of Thrive Market for years and recently they became a sponsor of this website. I order and pay (they don’t give me free stuff) once a month because Thrive Market reliably has the high quality food that I want to feed my...

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