What is the average weight loss on Keto? Real Statistics

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If you are thinking about beginning a ketogenic diet, I’m sure you’ve wondered how much weight real people actually lose on keto.

We wondered the same thing, so we asked the thousands of people who subscribe to our Keto Newsletter (you can signup here), or are in our Keto Support Group on Facebook, or who follow our Keto Pinterest Boards and asked them how much they have actually lost on keto.

So how much weight do people lose on a Keto Diet?

The numbers below are averages of all responses.

First Month Weight Loss: 10.4

First 3 Months Weight Loss: 13.9 (not everyone who responded have done keto 3 months or more)

First 6 Months Weight Loss: 15.4 

First Year Weight Loss: 38.3

Total Weight Loss: 29.7

Percentage of respondents who are at their target weight: 10%

Please add your Keto Info to the anonymous database!

Share your weight loss data on the form below and we’ll add it into the database and keep updating the averages.

If you’re not sure about the exact weight loss at each period, just give us your best number.

This is an anonymous survey, though you can leave your contact information if you’d like to be considered for a “Keto Success Story” on AdvantageMeals.com.

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