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This is the Advantage Meals list of the best gluten free flour alternatives. After 15 years of preparing thousands of meals for our celiac and gluten intolerant meal solutions business’ clients (as well as for our own daughter), we have become hands-on real-life gluten free experts. Below you will find our list of our favorite gluten free flour alternatives with affiliate links that help support our efforts here. Every item below has been a staple of our business and personal life; we will never recommend anything we have not personally used. If you have suggestions for other products that we should consider, please leave it in the comments below.  If you want to know when we add new recommended products, be sure to subscribe to our email list to the right.

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Krusteaz Gluten Free Flour is the one gluten free flour that is always on our shelves.   This is the best gluten free flour alternative that we’ve found.  We use it to lightly ‘bread’ meats, to make gravies, and as part of our gluten free corn bread that we offer with home made stews during the winter months.

This is one of our go-to gluten free thickeners.  We like arrowroot because the root that it’s made from is less commercially processed than cornstarch.  It’s also naturally gluten free, and less likely to have any gluten contamination then cornstarch which is often processed in facilities that also process gluten.  We use this to thicken low temperature sauces in our meal solutions business. 

Our second gluten free thickener is the Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch.  Potato starch breaks down at a higher temperature, so its more suited to sauces that will be simmered for longer. It also lends a creamier consistency, so it works well with dairy for cream and cheese sauces.

This is our standard gluten free flour.  There is no gluten flour in our meal solution business’ kitchen, and that’s because of how easily Krusteaz replaces regular flour.  We use this gluten free flour to coat chicken for browning, for gravy, and for the base of an amazing gluten free roux.  If you are a gluten free cook, you need this as a staple in your kitchen.

Bonus List of Great Gluten Free Products

While these aren’t flour replacements they are some of our most used gluten free ingredients in our meal solutions business.  Until we have an ultimate list of gluten free products, this seems like a good place to share them.

We’ve tried a lot of soy sauce and this is the best gluten free soy sauce. Many gluten free soy sauces just don’t really taste like the soy sauce that we love from take-out food. This one is close. It’s also the ‘lite’ version, which just means it’s the lower sodium version.  Personally, we don’t worry much about salt, but many of our clients do.  So, we normally start with the lowest sodium version.  We figure that we can always add sodium, but you can’t take it out.

In our business, we use a couple of different kinds of base, but our go-to base is this from Tones.  We can get it in a number of places, but we normally purchase it at the local Sam’s Club.  The make a Beef Base and a Chicken Base that we use.  The watch out here is that it is not low sodium, so add it mindfully if you are watching your sodium intake.

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