Are Slim Jims Keto Friendly? Carbs In Slim Jims

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When your hungry and on the road, one thing you know you are going to see at nearly every store is Slim Jims. But are they keto friendly?

A Slim Jim is somewhat keto-friendly because it is relatively low carb. The actual carbs vary by flavor and size but average 4 net carbs. However, because they contain corn syrup, they should not be a staple on a keto diet.

Now let’s dig into the details.

How Many Carbs Are In A Slim Jim?

Slim Jims vary by flavor and size and the carbs in them vary as well. I created the table below to help.

Table Of Carbs In Slim Jims By Type

Slim Jim TypeNet Carbs/Stick
Original4 grams
Original Deli Style4 grams
Mild Beef N’Cheese2 grams
Snack Sticks1 gram
Monster Original8 grams
Monster Teriyaki7 grams
Monster Habanero8 grams
Monster Honey BBQ8 grams
Monster Hot AF8 grams
Monster Mild8 grams
Monster Tabasco8 grams
Steakhouse Strips4 grams
Pork Rinds<1 gram
Carbs In Slim Jim Table

As you can see in the table above, the carbs are pretty similar in all the slim jim products, and it mostly varies by the size of the serving.

Lowest Carb Slim Jim?

The lowest carb Slim Jim is the snack size original because it’s the smallest. The lowest carb flavor of Slim Jim is Teriyaki.

However, the best Slim Jim choice for a keto diet is their Pork Rinds.

There are also some lower carb meat snacks available at most convenience stores; for example Jack Links.

What About The Ingredients In Slim Jims?

Ingredients vary by the flavor of Slim Jims, but all of them contain Corn Syrup. Yuck.

The serving size is low enough that you’re not getting much of corn syrup, but your still eating it.

For some people, especially keto beginners, just a little bit of sugar is going to trigger your sweet cravings and make staying keto harder.

For this reason, Slim Jims should be a last resort keto snack.


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