Are Pomegranates Keto Friendly? Carbs In Pomegranates

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There are lots of reasons why you should eat pomegranate seeds regularly, even on a keto diet. This juicy bright red fruit contains hundreds of edible seeds known as arils. Pomegranate seeds have a lot of nutritional benefits that are truly amazing and difficult to find in other foods.

Pomegranates are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, filled with antioxidants (powerful compounds that help reduce cell damage in your body).

Pomegranates have several other benefits but perhaps the most exciting is that they are packed full of powerful compounds that are reported to minimize inflammation in your body.

Are Pomegranate Seeds Keto-Friendly?

Pomegranate seeds are keto-friendly in moderation. A ¼ cup serving of pomegranate seeds contains less than 5 grams of net carbs.

At 5 grams of carbs per 1/4 cup serving, you obviously don’t want to sit down and eat a whole pomegranate. Instead, you should keep it keto-friendly by eating in moderation or using the seeds of pomegranate as a garnish on salads or in sauces.

By using pomegranate seeds as a garnish or base for a sauce you will still enjoy the flavor of pomegranate and adds nutrients to your diet without exceeding the limit of carbs.

You can just top a few seeds of this fruit onto your salad. Take a tablespoon of pomegranate along with some sesame seeds and cubed avocados for your keto-friendly lunch. Or you can add a few of the seeds into a smoothie if you want an added boost of phytonutrients.

Is Pomegranate Juice Keto Friendly?

Pomegranate juice has more concentrated sugar than the fruity pomegranate seeds which means that juice is much higher in carbs.

Pomegranate juice is not keto-friendly because it has over 3 net carbs in a single fluid ounce which means that a very small glass of pomegranate juice (4 fluid ounces) has 12 net carbs.

Carbs In Pomegranate Table

Do you know how much carbs does a few pomegranates contain? Here is a detailed carb table:

Serving SizeTotal CarbsFiberNet Carbs
100 gram18.7 g4 g14.7 g
1 Medium Fruit46.8 g10 g36.8 g
1 Cup (175g)32.7 g7 g25.7 g
Source: USDA Food Central

Carbs In Pomegranate Juice

Serving SizeTotal CarbsFiberNet Carbs
100 gram13.13 g0.1 g13.03 g
1 fl oz (with ice 23 g)3.02 g0.023 g2.79 g
1 fl oz (no ice 31g )4.07 g0.031 g4.039 g
Source: USDA Food Central

Health Benefits Of Eating A Pomegranate

Pomegranate is an excellent source of fiber and other nutrients that provides many essential antioxidants.

This fruit has a wide range of claimed health benefits, including the prevention of inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis, heart diseases, cancer, etc. Additionally, pomegranate is also reported to help the function of your brain and memory. Many also find that it is good for boosting both fitness endurance.

Let’s find out how good it is to add this fruit to your routine to live a healthy life.

Pomegranate Antioxidants

Pomegranate fruit contains punicic and punicalagin acid which have been identified as potent antioxidants.

We’ve all heard that red wine contains antioxidants, but those found in pomegranates are so potent that it is approximately three times more powerful than red wine.

Pamagranates Might Reduce The Risk Of A Certain Type Of Cancers

Do you know that pomegranate juice is often used for the treatment of colon and prostate cancers?

Some research even indicates that drinking pomegranate juice actually slowed the growth of prostate cancer. <source>

Likewise, research has suggested that pomegranate and its extract might help reduce the cells of breast cancer. They might actually kill the cancerous cells.

Moreover, consuming pomegranate is wildly believed to reduce inflammation in your digestive tract.

Pomegranate May Relieve The Joint Pain From Arthritis

As per research, pomegranate extract can be very beneficial against all forms of Arthritis.

Many have found that the organic anti-inflammatory effects of pomegranate fruit can naturally overcome joint pain from Arthritis.

For Some Pomegranate Assists In Lowering Blood Pressure

Pomegranate juice is has been suggested as an effective treatment for hypertension and high blood pressure. If you are consuming pomegranate daily, it may lower your high blood pressure in just a few weeks.

Final Thoughts!

Indeed, pomegranate fruit has a lot of health benefits and is an excellent source of different nutrients. But remember that if you are on a keto diet and working hard to lose weight, do not consume this fruit in high quantity.

While pomegranate is rich in nutrition it is also rich in sweetness and that does not suit your keto diet.

On a keto diet, pomegranate is a keto-friendly fruit, but only under the condition that you consume the seeds in moderation and avoid the sugar-heavy juice.


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