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Cheating on Keto – Get Back into Ketosis Fast

Well, you did it. You fell off the keto wagon. You had a keto cheat day. You carb-loaded…a lot.  You had a beer and one piece of pizza…and then the rest of the six pack and the large pizza. You carb binged, and now you are no longer in ketosis.  How are you going to deal with your carb-adventure of cheating on your keto diet?  How are you going to get back into ketosis fast?

Are Radishes Keto? A Keto Vegetable

Are Radishes Keto? Yes, radishes are keto.  One medium radish only has 0.1 carb; that means you’d have to eat 10 radishes to have even 1 gram of carbs.  That’s a keto friendly vegetable! While ketogenic diet guidelines generally suggest that you avoid all root...

Being Tired on a Ketogenic Diet

Does the Keto Diet Make you tired? There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that the Keto Diet can make you feel crazy tired, but does it? From my personal experience and from coaching hundreds of keto clients, I can answer this question with confidence. Yes, the Keto...

Planting a Keto Diet Garden? – Best Keto Vegetables

What to grow in your Keto Diet Garden? Are you into growing your own food? There are lots of great keto-friendly vegetables that can be easily grown in a home garden. This article includes Affiliate Links.  20 Keto Garden Staples Asparagus - 1.8 Net Carbs in 3.5...

Is Thrive Market Cheaper? My Honest Thrive Market Review.

In full disclosure, I’ve been a regular customer of Thrive Market for years and recently they became a sponsor of this website. I order and pay (they don’t give me free stuff) once a month because Thrive Market reliably has the high quality food that I want to feed my...

Is Silicone Microwave Safe – Pans, Cups, Cupcakes, Molds

We use silicone pans and cups in the oven all of the time to make our keto desserts and some breads. Then one day we started wondering if we could use a silicone mold in the microwave to make keto 90 second bread.   Yes, you can use silicone pans, molds, and cupcake...

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

The husband and I came up with this easy low carb recipe for my Keto Mother's Day Menu.  The were perfect. These Bacon Wrapped Asparagus bundles make a beautiful side dish that is as comfortable at a holiday dinner as it is on your week night table. Everything is...

Are Bananas Keto-Friendly? The Keto Diet & Bananas.

So many people who are just starting a Keto Diet ask us, "Are Bananas Keto-Friendly?" because we've all been raised with conventional nutritional wisdom that told us that eating fruit was not only important but essential to a healthy diet.  So let's get to the bottom...

Bacon, Spinach and Strawberry Keto Salad Recipe

I love this delicious, low-carb salad! The savory bacon, sweet strawberries, and briny Feta cheese make this keto-friendly spinach salad both gorgeous and wonderful to eat.  It's perfect for a Primal or Keto Diet.  Easy enough to make a great keto salad, but 'fancy'...

Will Eating Carbs Make Me Sick on Keto?

A ketogenic diet is a way of eating that keeps carb intake very low, usually below 25 g net carbs per day. For all of us, there comes a day when we want to eat a high carb dish or meal. But will eating carbs make you sick if you’re on the Keto Diet? Sometimes eating...

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