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Keto Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Last updated with updated items on 6/12/2018.

I’m a Keto Dad.  More specifically, I’m a reasonably fit dad who’s been eating a primal / paleo diet for five years, dropping into and out of ketosis when I wanted to.  Recently, I’ve been eating a strict keto diet as my 50th birthday (ugh) is rushing towards me.  Because I know it’s hard to choose gifts for someone on a keto diet, and because our Keto Mother’s Day Gifts article was so popular, I was inspired to create this Keto Father’s Day Gifts guide.  Speaking from experience, the best keto Father’s Day gifts for your ketogenic focused dad are those that help him get into ketosis fast and keep him making ketones not just on Father’s Day, but everyday.   If your dad is just starting the keto diet, or has been following the keto diet for a long time, consider a Ketogenic Father’s Day gift of tools to supercharge his diet and reach all of his wellness goals.

So no more messing around.  Let’s get to the lists of great keto father’s day gifts!  I’ve broken gift ideas down into three different catagories.

Keto Father’s Day Gift Idea Categories

  1. DIY Keto Gifts
  2. Keto Toolbox Gifts
  3. Fun Gifts – Including Keto T-Shirts!
  4. Keto Pantry Gifts

DIY Keto Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

These are my two favorite Keto Recipes to make summer BBQs more keto awesome.


Keto Steak Sauce Recipe

Bet your dad loves Beef.  And Pig.  And Lamb.  And Chicken.  I do, but I do sometimes miss my pre-keto sauces.  After years of trial and this is my go to Keto Steak Sauce….though I also use it on meatloaf, chicken, pork and sometimes on veggies.

It’s Low Carb, High Fat, and even has Omega-3s.  It’s rich and savory with just a touch of bite thanks to the horseradish.  This is a very easy no-cook recipe.

Pro-Tip:  I don’t always add the Horseradish or Hot Sauce.


Keto BBQ Recipe

Summer Barbecues need BBQ Sauce, and Keto Dad’s need Keto Barbecue Sauce.  This recipe is Low Carb and relies up near zero carb natural sweetener Monk Fruit Extract for the sweetness that good traditional BBQ relies upon.  This is a very easy no-cook recipe.  There’s not even chopping in this recipe.  With a little supervision, even the kiddos can make this Keto Father’s Day Gift.

Pro-Tip:  If your Keto Dad likes smokey flavor, a drop of Liquid smoke in this recipe is a game changer.


Low Carb Potato Salad Alternative 

Father’s Day grilling needs a side dish or two, and potato salad is a staple.  Unfortunately, potatoes are really not keto diet friendly.  Here is our low-carb version of potato salad, without the potatoes.  It’s not the same thing, but it’s pretty darn good.  Try it out and let us know how it turned out.

Keto Toolbox Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

These are tools that make a Keto Diet easier.

Most items include an affiliate link for your convenience.  When you purchase through one of these links, we do make a little money to support our work here, but it does not affect your cost.  Thank you for the support.


KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Meter Kit

Most of us Keto Dads test our ketone levels regularly using the pee strips, and this Blood Ketone Testing Kit lets us get way more accurate in measuring those ketones.  This isn’t an inexpensive piece of keto equipment, and it does have consumable strips.  This is a great Keto Father’s Day Gift because it’s something that most Keto Dads would love to have but won’t buy for themselves.

Pro Tip: Consider getting extra strips, too.


NutriTotal Food Scale with Macros

While you can do a keto diet without food and macronutrient tracking, most of us do track at least some of the time.  Good kitchen scales are essential, and this scale has the added keto diet benefit of being hooked to dad’s phone via bluetooth and helping to figure those macros.


Fitbit Alta HR

Not all Keto Dads exercise, but most of us do and a good fitness tracker is helpful and fun.  I’m a Fitbit Guy.  They are affordable, comfortable, and not too expensive.  This is the one I wear.  Fitbit makes larger and more expensive ones, but I’m not a fan of big watches, so I like the smaller profile of this tracker.

Pro Tip: Also get him a nice ‘dress’ watch band that can easily be swapped out for date night.


Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Yeah yeah, we are all on the keto diet for all the health benefits and not neccessarily weight loss, but we all still like to know how we’re doing.  I love this scale.  It measures weight and body fat percentage, and it also syncs with my Fitbit app.


Excalibur 3926TB 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

I’m a big fan of my Excalibur Dehydrator.  In it I make my own Keto Beef Jerky and even Pepperoni Chips. This isn’t a gift for everyone, but if your Keto Dad is a DIY kinda guy, this is dream machine.  We had a cheaper dehydrator before, and an Excalibur Dehydrator is night and day different.

Pro Tip:  They make smaller versions if you are limited on space.


Ceramic Chef Knives

I love to cook.  I cook for my family, myself, and I even do it for a living in our Meals Solutions’ Business.  I also love sharp knives, and these ceramic babies are sharp and never need resharpening.   

The link here is not to Amazon, but directly to the manufacturer with whom I work.  When you purchase here, I can get you a great discount and free shipping, and I make a little, too.


Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

I do still have a lot of metal knives, and, like I said before, I love a sharp knife.  While it’s manly to sharpen a knife on a wet-stone, it’s practical to easily and quickly sharpen a knife to razor sharpness with this essential kitchen tool.  They make cheaper and more expensive versions, but this one is my choice.  The 15 degree angle gives me very sharp knives and the three steps are more than enough for even my picky needs.

Father's Day 2017 Gifts for Dad

Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas

These are just fun Father’s Day gifts ideas that are still respectful of your dad’s keto lifestyle.

Most items include an affiliate link for your convenience.  When you you purchase through one of these links, we do make a little money to support our work here, but it does not affect your cost.  Thank you for the support.


Ketone Test Strip T-Shirt

When Keto Dad is rocking this shirt, every keto disciple he crosses paths with will greet him with a nod-and-a-smile…maybe even with a high-five.  Dad will laugh and wear it proudly…that’s a good Father’s Day Gift.


Ketone Test Strip T-Shirt – Either you get it…or you ain’t in it.

With the subtlety added text, “Either you get it…or you ain’t in it.”  This is Keto with attitude.  Is that your Keto Dad?


Super Dad Keto T-Shirt

This is the first of our new Keto Diet T-Shirts, from “Advantage Style”.  Keep checking back as we add new Ketogenic shirts.


Onnit 54lbs

Is your Keto Dad a Primal Workout Beast?  These are cool as shit.  They come in a variety of sizes and faces.


DT Systems Super Pro Launcher

Not all Keto Dads are dog guys, but if yours is, this is awesome.  I got this for Father’s Day in 2016, and we still use it to keep my big Chocolate Lab exercised and tired.  As the old saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog.


Berkey Filters Premium Stainless Steel Bundle

In full disclosure, I got our Big Berkey Filter for Angela for Mother’s Day probably 10 years ago. She’s very particular about the quality of water we give our kids, and this filter was her solution. A decade later, I’m hooked on the water that comes out of our Berkey. If water quality is important to you and your family, this is a win. As a bonus, if the power goes out, you’ll still have a way to clean water.

Pro Tip: 90% of the water I drink comes from our Berkey and I add drops of Trace Minerals to every glass to keep my minerals balanced.

Keto Pantry Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

These items are listed in order starting with the most essential keto pantry supplies.  These are all pretty cheap, but a box of new pantry items to try is a pretty cool Keto Dad gift.

Most items include an affiliate link for your convenience.  When you you purchase through one of these links, we do make a little money to support our work here, but it does not affect your cost.  Thank you for the support.


KETO Snack Care Package

In full disclosure, I’ve not tried this package.  However, if you have a new Keto Dad, this seems to be a pretty cool ‘try-it-all’ kind of gift.  I don’t think this is a gift for our seasoned ketone warrior, but for someone new to the keto diet, this is pretty darn cool.


This Avacado Mayo from Primal Kitchen is a staple for our ketogenic family.  We use it as a spread mostly on meats, but also in low carb wraps.  With a few added ingredients, we turn it into a Garlic Dip that is amazing.  A great source of natural, unprocessed high fat and low carb makes it very keto friendly.

Pro Tip: This is used in the Keto Steak Sauce Recipe above so buy an extra bottle.


This is a zero carb electrolyte replenisher that can be added to water. This is probably only for a dad who is new to Keto or is getting ready to start a Keto Diet.  The Keto Flu is a real thing, and replenishing your electrolytes makes the symptoms of it much better.

Pro Tip:  A dash of good salt in your water will also help with Keto Flu.


Some people eat coconut butter straight as a fat bomb.  I am not one of those people.  However, we do use this as a base ingredient in many of our fat bomb and keto desserts recipes.  If your Keto Dad likes to create his own food, he needs this in his pantry.


Swerve is a zero calorie sweetener that is an essential part of many of our keto recipes.  This should be in every ketogenic pantry.


I  struggled with where on this list to put this Keto Coffee Creamer.  If you dad is a cream in the coffee kinda guy, this should probably be higher on the list.  If he’s a black coffee or a make it from scratch fat bomb coffee guy, this should be lower.  If he’s the right kind of coffee guy, this will make his mornings easier.


A shelf stable keto fat bomb to end those afternoon hunger pangs.  You can keep these in your desk, your car, or your back pack.  Consider these your emergency keto snack when on the go.  These might be the difference between staying in ketosis and falling back into your old high carb habits.


These Cheese Bars are another high fat low carb (HFLC) shelf stable food.  If your dad commutes to and from work, he needs a few of these in the car to get him past the fast food restaurants.  In a pinch, combine this with his morning coffee with the Keto Creamer, and he’s got breakfast covered…though I’d encourage him to not do that everyday.


As a left over from our beer and snacks from the gas station days, most guys like meat sticks, and these are good, clean, keto and primal friendly sticks of meat.


This isn’t one that I’ve actually tried, but I’ve heard great things about it. We make our own fat bombs here, and you’ll find lots of recipes on Advantage Meals so you can make your own too. But if that’s not in the cards for you, here is a great solution for your fat bomb / keto dessert needs.
Father's Day 2017 Gifts for Dad

Digital No Cook Keto Meal Plan - Making Keto Easy.

The No Cook Keto Meal Plan is the Easiest way to start Keto.

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Drop by on Facebook and tell us what you gave your Keto Dad for Fathers Day.  We’ll keep this list updated, and are always looking for other great ideas.

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