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Three people wanted to try the Keto Diet.

They all had heard stories about people having great success with keto.

They even had friends who had finally achieved their weight goals with keto.

They each wanted to change their life too.

The first person never even got started.

He researched and studied…for countless hours over many long weeks.

He collected stacks of keto recipes.

But, in the end, it was all so complex, confusing, and overwhelming.

He never even started a keto diet.

He never even tried.

Maybe next year…

The second did great…for a few weeks.

She lost 10 pounds in the first week eating strict keto.

She was thrilled.

Then she went out to with her friends for a drink…and it was all over.

Maybe next year…

The third person became a Keto Success Story.

Her keto before-and-after pictures went viral.

But why did she succeed when the others failed?

She Had A Plan

Most people who want to try the Keto Diet never actually get started.

Of those that do try, the majority fail.

They learn what to eat…and what not to eat.

They collect hundreds of keto recipes.

But they don’t really have a plan.

What’s The Plan?

The plan is to keep keto really simple for the first three weeks.

The right plan for the first three weeks is essential to succeed on a keto diet.

You must nail the first three weeks to transform into a fat burning machine.

Once you have become a fat burner, then you dial in your keto way of eating for the long-haul.

We’ve guided thousands of people through their first three weeks of keto…

…and we can guide you too.

Take the 3 Week Keto Challenge

  • Three strict weeks of keto.
  • Crazy simple No Cook Keto Meal Plan.
  • Timely daily support emails to help you through the hard days.
  • 46 Extra No Cook Keto Recipes for variety.
  • Learn Keto as you go with short daily emails.


Just $29.99

“I took the challenge…”

What other people who followed my plan had to say.

5 Star Review of No Cook Keto My Doctor said “Keep Doing It!”

January 7, 2019

No Cook Keto Meal Plan | Verified Purchase

Just got back from the doctor and she said I’ve lost 12.4 lbs in 1 month! She said whatever I’m doing, keep doing it.


5 Star Review of No Cook Keto I’m loving it.

January 17, 2019

No Cook Keto Meal Plan | Verified Purchase

I’m doing the 3 week no cook diet. It’s a godsend. It helped me quick start and learn as I go along. I’m loving it. One week = 8 lbs!


5 Star Review of No Cook Keto Wish I had started sooner

January 22, 2019

No Cook Keto Meal Plan | Verified Purchase

Trust me I was in the same position as you, and here I am still doing it day 20, there have been a day here or there where I sort of “cheated” but honestly I felt horrible because I over ate. Keto food keeps me full and once you start doing keto the old ways will not make you feel good. I wish I had started sooner.


Don’t wait until next year…start the next chapter of your life today.

Get access to the plan with a one time payment of just  $24.99 $19.99

Immediately download the plan and get started today.

Give yourself every advantage to become a keto success story.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

Get your keto on!

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