Keto Christmas Recipes

The Best of Advantage Meals Keto Christmas Recipes 2020

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The holidays are a time for family, friends, and joy. They are not a time to stress over what you’re eating or to abandon months of good eating habits.  With these great Keto Christmas Recipes, you can enjoy your Christmas and keep your ketones.

There will be some low carb challenges this holiday season.  If your family normally does turkey, you’re probably okay because most turkey recipes are low carb. Whatever your traditional Christmas Turkey recipe, just watch for hidden sugar…and be sure to leave it out of the brine!

Now, if ham is your traditional Christmas meal, be careful.  A lot of hams are cured with some sugar, and the sauces are almost certainly filled with ketone killing carbs.  Just shop carefully and look for a lower carb sauce for your Keto Christmas Ham.

Now let’s focus on Keto friendly Christmas side-dishes and desserts.

Below you’ll find our best Keto Christmas side dish recipes as well as some of our favorite low carb dessert recipes.  All of these are easy low carb recipes to make your holiday planning even easier.  

P.S.  Don’t forget to check out our Keto Christmas Gift just might be time to buy yourself a well deserved reward.

Easy Keto Christmas Recipes

Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes

There is a link to each recipe following the recipe name on each image. Just click on the blue LINK to see the recipe.


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