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Keto Beginners Resources - Easy Keto Plan

Starting a Keto Diet can seem complex and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. My focus here at Advantage Meals is to make starting a Keto Diet as easy and stress free as possible.  That’s why I made this page of resources for a Keto Diet Beginner.

You can start a Keto Diet quickly and easily if you have the following:

Start your Keto Diet with the basics, then upgrade your diet as you go along.

~ Angela

The Basic Ketogenic Diet Information

When Starting a Keto Diet, you really need to stay out of the weeds.  There is so much information on the internet and some of it even seems contradictory!  You can easily suffer from ‘paralysis by analysis’ as you are learning what you want to know about your new keto way of eating.

Let’s avoid that, and just get you the basics that you need to begin your keto diet. You can pick up more information once you’re in ketosis and enjoying the benefits of your new way of eating.

Basic Keto Information. This article is just the basic information you need to know about what a Keto Diet is and Why It Works.

Simple Keto Description


The Keto Rules

When starting a Keto Diet, you don’t have to master everything about Keto all at once.  Just focus on getting into ketosis, and then you can figure out how you are going to keto for the rest of your life.

The Rules of Keto. This article has the basic Rules of Keto for the First Three Weeks.  Don’t drive yourself crazy during the first three weeks when your only major goal is to get into ketosis.

The Keto Rules. If you are a Keto Diet Beginner, the ketogenic diet can be overwhelming and confusing. This guide makes the keto diet easy. Just follow these Keto Rules for the first three weeks to get into ketosis fast and stay there. Weight loss really can be effortless when you start your new keto diet the right way. There are many ways to keto, but there is only one good way to start a keto diet. Follow these beginners keto rules. #Keto #KetoDiet #KetoBeginner #KetoRules

Keto Tools

You don’t need lots of tools and supplements to start a keto diet.  But there are a few that are very helpful.  For your convenience I’ve included affiliate links to Amazon for each of these tools.

Ketone Test Strips. You are going to want to know if you are in ketosis, and the easiest and most affordable way to do so is with these test strips that will tell you if there are ketones (a by-product of ketosis) in your urine.  A more accurate way to measure ketones is a blood meter, but this is not a necessary tool.






Mineral Supplements. A keto diet is diuretic (you pee a lot) and you’re going to be flushing out some electrolytes. In our experience, nearly everyone feels better if they supplement these minerals.  We use Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops in our water or coffee.  A serving is 40 drops, and we get that over the course of a day by just putting 3 to 6 drops in everything we drink.






Himalayan Pink Salt. One the essential minerals that you’ll need to supplement on your new ketogenic diet is sodium. And while you are salting your food, you should consider using a salt that has more minerals than just sodium, which make the sodium more effective.






Easy Keto Meal Plan

For the first three weeks of your new Keto Diet, you don’t want to be put into a situation where you have to eat carbs because you don’t have good keto friendly food available. It takes about three weeks of being in ketosis for your body to learn how to burn fat efficiently, and every ‘cheat’ meal starts that clock over.

No Cook Keto Meal Plan.  I wrote this keto meal plan to be the easiest keto meal plan available. Everything in this meal plan is Mix, Microwave and Eat…and in 5 minutes or less.  Check out No Cook Keto and give yourself a huge keto advantage.

No Cook Keto Meal Plan - The Easiest way to start a Keto Diet. #Keto #ketoDiet

If you prefer to do more of your own cooking, I’d suggest the Custom Keto Meal Plan which is just what it sounds; a plan that is customized for the with the foods you like.


Budget Shopping List.  You are not going to want to only do No Cook Keto for long, and knowing what the staples are that you should be stocking in your pantry makes your keto way of eating so much easier.  I also added hints and tips on this shopping list to help you avoid ‘tricky’ carbs.

Budget Ketogenic Shopping List with over 40 essential keto items to make starting a Keto Diet Cheaper and Easier. This list is downloadable, Printable, and Affordable. You can print it again and again, and just keep a copy on your fridge and then take it to the grocery store when you’re ready to restock your keto kitchen. #Keto #BudgetKeto

Keto Recipe Book. If you want to do more cooking, there are lots of great Keto Recipes on the internet (including dozens of recipes here on Advantage Meals).  However, if you want a large collection of Keto Recipes always ready on your Tablet or Computer, check out these 370 Easy Keto Recipes.  This is a digital cookbook.

Keto Recipes Book

Printed Keto Cook Book.  On the other hand, if you want a paperback keto recipe book, this is our favorite printed keto cookbook.  We have the spiral bound version as it’s easier to lay flat while cooking.  This book has roughly half the recipes found in digital book above.


That’s all you really need to start your keto diet.

The most important thing right now is to actually get started on your new keto way of eating.

Keep it simple and enjoy the journey.

You’ll pick up the details as you go along.

Regardless, I’m here to help.  If you want to hear more from me, signup for my newsletter and be sure to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Your Keto Friend,

~ Angela

P.S.  When you’re ready to start become a ketogenic expert, start with this Master Keto Article.

Disclaimer: While I have been keto for over a decade and have guided thousands of people through starting a keto diet, I am neither a licensed nutritionist nor medical professional. I never prescribe diets.  I only share my personal experiences and those of my clients for informational purposes only.  Nutrition details are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be considered medical nutritional data. You should consult your medical professional before making any major changes in the way you eat.


  1. mary

    Post menapause and hypoglycaemia can I do Keto Diet

    • Angela Davis

      I’ve seen many clients have amazing keto success in your situation.

      Menopause will have little effect on your keto, though keto will effect hormones as you lose weight and the hormones in your fat stores are released.

      I’m also sure that a keto diet will effect your blood sugar levels. Having hypoglycemia, you absolutely must work with your medical professional as you start a keto diet to monitor your blood sugar and related medications.

      • Susan

        Thyroidectomy a year ago. Keto for me?

    • Josephine Lujan

      Hi I’ve been on Keto almost three weeks and still I’m not Ketosis what am I doing wrong!!!???plz help

      • Angela Davis

        First of all, don’t worry! How are you testing? If you’re using just the urine strips, keep in mind that they are notoriously inaccurate. Though they are a nice, cheap tool, they are not always the best. Also, they go bad quickly, as I wrote about in this article.

        Have you noticed a decrease in appetite or a change in the way hunger feels? Increase in energy? Decrease in carb cravings? These are all good indicators that you are in ketosis.

        If you really are not in ketosis, that’s ok. For some people, it just takes a little longer. Insulin resistance, leptin resistance, and all sorts of other metabolic conditions can take time to adjust. If you’re on amy medications, they can affect things, too. Make sure you are working with your doctor if you are on meds!

        Stick with it. Eliminating high carbohydrate foods will help improve your health, whether you are in ketosis or not. It will come!

  2. Louise

    I am not fond of avacados but a friend makes great guacamole that is helping me acquire a new appreciation for them. His recipe calls for Miracle Whip or Hellmann’s….are these accepted?
    What is your best gaucamole recipe?
    Also you refer to ” macros”… Please explain what they are & how to count these.
    Thanks 😊

    • Stacey Davis

      Hi Louise,

      We love guacamole! I eat it as a Fat Booster on top of nearly all kinds of meats.

      You are correct to guess that Miracle Whip is not keto friendly as it includes sugar.

      However, Hellmann’s isn’t too bad. It’s sugar free and zero carb. However, it does include seed oils which are highly inflammatory. Including it would definitely fall into Dirty Keto, but as Angela often says “Dirty Keto is better than No Keto!”

      The best Mayo choice for Keto is an Avocado Oil based Mayo like Primal Mayo (Amazon Affiliate Link)

      So either Hellman’s or Primal Mayo in the recipe you love would get you to keto friendly Guac.

      We also eat a lot of the 100 Calorie Guac Packs that you can find in the salad area of your grocery store. Easy Guac.

  3. Craig Marheineke

    I’m about to start the 3 week program, the one thing I’m concerned with is gout. I’m prone to it and I have to be careful with the bacon! Do you have any tips specifically for gout sufferers?
    Thank you so much!

    • Stacey Davis

      Hi Craig,

      First off, know yourself. If bacon causes you problems, then avoid it and find other sources of fat and protein. Perhaps salmon or cheese?

      Regardless, gout is a serious issue and you need to work closely with your medical professional as you make any major changes in your diet.

    • Stacey Davis

      Please keep us updated on how your doctor advises you to follow or no follow Keto. We’ve not had personal experience working with people prone to gout, and we would love to learn with you.

  4. Laquitta Thomas

    I have PCOS and have just been diagnosed with Keto. My new doctor says no to Keto and IF but other doctors say it’s great for my condition. What do you think? Also can you resend the 3 week link?

    • Angela Davis

      There are people who have had success treating PCOS with a ketogenic way of eating. There are some links to research and thoughts on how Keto affects reproductive hormones in this article: If you believe Keto is the right path for you, make sure to continue to talk with your doctor about it, even if they aren’t on board. It’s important that your doctor knows everything they can about your situation in order to help you.

      You can find the download of “No Cook Keto” by going back to the “My Account / Downloads” section on the website. Here is a direct link Once you’re logged on to your account on the site, you’ll see the link to download No Cook Keto at your convenience.

      Let me know if this all works for you. If you have additional difficulties, we’re here to help.

    • Angela Davis

      Laquitta, Also be sure to look in your promotion’s folder for the No Cook Keto Support Emails. I see that the emails have been delivered, but not read. These will really help you get into ketosis faster and easier.

  5. Peggy

    Information was great, just what I needed and I have you in my fav’s, what a lifesaver 🙂

    • Angela Davis

      Thanks you, Peggy! That makes me feel so good. 🙂 I’m glad I could help you, and I hope you find this way of eating works for you. Hope to hear how it’s going for you!

  6. Aldean heath

    How do I find out how many carbs I am supposed to get daily

  7. marlene

    I do not know if my comment went through or not, but all the food plans I have seen requires you to eat some kind of fish and I can not eat fish products at all. What would you suggest to eat in replace of the fish.

    • Stacey Davis

      Fish is a common keto diet food, especially salmon as it’s so high in good fats. We even use canned salmon in a number of our No Cook Keto Meal Plan meals. In those easy recipes, you could substitute any protein, but you’ll also need to add some additional fat. Consider high quality butter, olive oil, or avocado oil based mayo (affiliate link).


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