Is Vodka Keto Friendly? +5 Great Keto Vodka Cocktails

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I’ve been eating a keto diet for over a decade, and I also have been known to regularly enjoy an adult beverage, including vodka. I did all the research on how low carb vodka really is, and gathered the details here so you can know if vodka is allowed on your keto diet.

So, is Vodka allowed on a keto diet?

Vodka is a keto-friendly alcohol if you are careful to choose the unflavored vodkas.  As long as you avoid sugary mixers, you can enjoy your vodka in moderation without risking getting kicked out of ketosis.  And just because you start with unflavored vodka, doesn’t mean you can’t have big flavor in your keto cocktails if you try my favorite keto-friendly cocktails.

Now let’s talk about just how low carb vodka really is, why moderation is important to keep you in ketosis, and I’ll share a few of my favorite keto vodka cocktail recipes.

Is vodka allowed on keto diet

How Low Carb is Vodka?

Unflavored vodka is one of the lowest carb alcohols available. As a matter of fact, vodka is a true zero carb keto drink.

Vodka only contains alcohol (ethanol) and water.  That means the only calories in vodka are alcohol calories.  This fact is going to be important later when we talk about drinking vodka in moderation to stay in ketosis.

Vodka’s nutritional profile is really pretty boring.  Vodka has zero everything except calories, however, the number of calories varies based upon the proof of the vodka.

Proof refers to the percentage of alcohol. 100 Proof = 50% alcohol, while 80 Proof = 40% alcohol, etc…

Calories in 1.5 ounce shot of Vodka by Proof

  • 100 proof vodka is 124 calories
  • 90 proof vodka is 110 calories
  • 80 proof vodka is 96 calories
  • 70 proof vodka is 85 calories

To be clear, all of these calories are alcohol calories, which are moved to the front of the line for processing.  This means that your liver will start working on converting alcohol calories to energy before your body processes any other sources of energy, including the body fat that you are trying to lose!

This means that while having a zero-carb drink like vodka won’t kick you out of ketosis, it will stall your weight loss until those alcohol calories have been consumed.

Why Is Alcohol Moderation Important To Stay In Ketosis?

As stated above, your body always burns alcohol calories first, so while you’re working through those booze calories, you will not be losing weight.

Second, it’s generally accepted that alcohol hits you harder when on a keto diet.

Cut back on the booze when you first start a keto diet so you can learn how the effect of a few drinks on you has changed.  You might find that what used to give you a relaxed buzz now knocks you over.  Just be careful.

Finally, I think you and I can agree that our judgment and willpower are both impaired when we’ve been drinking.

If you are a snacker when you’ve been partying, this could be a major hit on your Keto Diet. While the drink isn’t going to kick you out of ketosis, a bag of chips or half a pizza that you can’t say no to while a little tipsy certainly will kick you out of ketosis.

My Favorite Keto Vodka Cocktail Recipes!

Vodka Moscow Mule: 1.5 oz. Vodka, 0.75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice, Zero Carb Ginger Beer { See on Amazon >> }

Vodka Cucumber Mint: 1.5 oz Vodka, 3 oz Club Soda; 2 Cucumber Slices, Sprig of Fresh Mint { See on Amazon >> }

Vodka Martini: 1.25 oz. Vodka, 0.25 oz. Dry Vermouth, Lemon Twist

Vodka Dirty Martini: 1.5 oz. Vodka, 1 oz. Olive Brine, 1 Whole Blue Cheese Stuffed Olive

Firey Vodka With Jalapeno: 1.5 oz Vodka, 3 oz Club Soda, 2-3 slices fresh jalapeño to taste { See Club Soda on Amazon >> }

So there you go!

Enjoy your adult drink and your ketones.  Isn’t Keto Great?!?!?!?


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