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So many of my new keto friends on my email list send me questions asking me if _____________ is allowed on a keto diet. Some of those ‘is it keto’ questions are really tricky, others are just surprising, and a few are common keto mistakes that make success difficult to achieve when starting a keto diet.

Over the last year, I’ve answered many of those questions in quick articles here on and I decided to collect all of these ‘what is keto-friendly’ answers in the table below.

Each of the items below is linked to the full article where you can find my research and decide for yourself if it’s ‘keto-friendly’ for you.

I hope you find these articles helpful.


What is Keto Friendly?

Before we continue, we all have to agree what Keto Friendly means.

A food is considered Keto-Friendly if it will fit within your daily carb limit. Using this definition, most foods will be keto-friendly if eaten in moderation. { Click Here to see a full article about What Keto-Friendly Means. >>> }

However, some foods are so high carb that they could never be Keto Friendly and other foods have other issues that make them potential keto diet assassins.

Each of the food items listed below is linked to a full article where you’ll see my full research as well as keto alternatives to many of the none-keto foods.

List of Common “Is It Keto” Questions

Keto-Friendly Item?
Basil Seeds
Brussels Sprouts
Candy Bars
Coconut Water
Cream Cheese
Flax Seeds
Fried Chicken
Gram Flour
McDonald Chicken Nuggets
McDonald’s Smoothies
Peanut Butter
Red Bull
Slim Jims
Tic Tacs
Triple Cec
Links to Keto Friendly Food Articles

What’s Missing From This “Is It Keto” List?

If you can think of something that is missing from this list, please leave a note in the comments below.

Once again, I hope you found this list and the linked articles helpful. If you did, please take a second to share it on your favorite social media. Those shares make a world of difference for my work here.


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