Is Applesauce Keto Friendly?

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Starting a keto diet can be complex and confusing, and deciding what you can and can’t eat can be mind-boggling. One of the questions I hear from my new members of my keto tribe is about applesauce and if it’s approved on keto. Let’s answer that question once and for all.

Applesauce is not keto-approved. With 14 net carbs in a 1/2 cup serving, eating applesauce will use the majority of your daily allotment of carbs in just a single serving so applesauce is not keto-friendly.

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How Many Carbs In Applesauce?

While the nutrition of applesauce varies by brand, apple variety, and sweetener used a decent generic unsweetened applesauce has 16 total carbs, with 12 grams of sugar and 2 grams of fiber.

Must brands of applesauce will have even more carbs than this Walmart store brand because they have even more added sugar!

Image of Keto Friendly Applesauce

Conclusion about Ketogenic Applesauce

You really can’t eat applesauce on a keto diet and stay in ketosis. It just has too much sugar in it.

But, I encourage you to not focus on what you can’t eat and to instead focus on all of the great things that you can eat.

Enjoy steak, bacon, butter, and more. You are eating like a king or queen on you’re new keto diet. Enjoy it!

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