Find someone to save a honey bee swarm?

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Spring is coming! That means that the honey bees will be preparing to swarm soon.  If you find a swarm, you’ll need to find someone to save the bee swarm ASAP!

Swarming is the way that hives naturally reproduce. When a hive is strong enough and has a good population of bees, they will produce a new queen. Then the old queen will leave the hive and take half of the bees with her, leaving the new queen and the remaining bees behind. If you happen to see a swarm of bees, DO NOT PANIC! A swarm of bees is very docile, as they have no hive, no eggs and no honey to protect.

A honey bee swarm is a large cluster of bees that is just hanging out while scout bees look for a new home.  There are some pictures of swarms below.

DO NOT spray the bee swarm with pesticides!

PLEASE DO contact someone who can come collect the bees or help you find someone who can.

Steps to find someone to save a bee swarm.

  1. Call the police department (not 911) and ask if they keep a list of bee keepers.
  2. Call your local fire department and ask if they keep a list of bee keepers.
  3. Google “Your Town Local Honey” looking for a local bee keeper.
  4. Google “Your State Bee Keepers” and try to find a club or association of bee keepers.

When you find a swarm, we must act quickly because if they find a spot that they think will make a good home they’ll move in. If they choose poorly (like inside someone’s home, doghouse, or car) they might not be lucky enough to have the next person who finds them stay calm and call someone who can help them.

Once collected, we will put them into a hive and help them establish a new colony. Our little corner of the world is a better place with more bees! 

I’d also like to encourage you to consider keeping bees.  Pollinators are an essential part of our world and more backyard bee keepers will make our world a better place.   Below are some affiliate links to some of our favorite beginner bee keeping books and supplies.  Don’t forget to Google for “Your State Bee Keepers” to find a local club to mentor you in your new world-improving hobby.

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