Coffee on Keto Diet – Is it allowed?

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Wondering about coffee on Keto? You are not the first person who is just beginning a keto diet that is not sure if coffee on a keto diet is allowed.  Good news! Coffee is allowed on your keto diet.

There’s a little bad news, too. The commercial coffee creamers that are so popular are probably not keto friendly. But we’ve got you covered with other Keto options!

Can I have Coffee on a Keto

Keto and Caffeine

The caffeine in regular black coffee is not only okay on your ketogenic diet, but it might be a benefit.  

Research has shown that significant consumption of caffeine can increase weight loss and new research is beginning to suggest that caffeine might even increase ketone production.

If caffeine isn’t your thing, there is nothing in decaffeinated coffee that would make it not allowed on a keto diet.

We’re talking about black coffee, though. What if you like to doctor your coffee up a bit? For coffee to remain good for your Keto Diet it must remain sugar free.

We occasionally drink Fatty Coffee, which is a wonderful way to enjoy coffee, increase your fat intake, and avoid commercial creamers. Check out all our alternatives for making Fatty Coffee your way!

Low Carb Coffee Creamers

You may be used to using a prepared creamer you can buy at the grocery store. Unfortunately, most coffee creamers are packed full of sugar and are definite keto no-no.  

If you do look for a low carb coffee creamer, be sure to check all the ingredients.  While some may be low carb, they might also be full of other junk. A simple combination of real heavy whipping cream and a little stevia to sweeten would be a great alternative.  

If you search for keto coffee creamers, you are going to find many options that are designed for use in Keto Fatty Coffee recipes as an alternative to Bulletproof Coffee.  Just make sure that you are very aware of how much fat and how many calories is in your keto coffee creamer.

Fatty Coffee is a great thing for many keto diets, but if you’re not consuming such coffee mindfully, they can lead to the common keto diet mistake of consuming too much fat.

While we don’t regularly use coffee creamers (instead we do DIY Keto Fatty Coffee), we’ve tried this Organic Coffee Booster while traveling and liked it.

Organic High-Fat Coffee Creamer – Amazon Affiliate Link

Conclusion: Coffee on Keto is not only fine, but good.

So enjoy your coffee.  Whether you drink it black or a Keto Fatty Coffee, coffee is perfectly fine for most people on a keto diet.

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