Bonnie’s Keto Success Story – Keto & Diabetes

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After our 2019 Spring Three Week Keto Challenge, we asked our hundreds of challenge participants to share their keto stories in our group on Facebook. Some of our friends shared keto struggles and many shared keto success stories. Regardless, these keto before and after stories serve to inspire us all.  

Below you’ll find Bonnie’s keto story, and I know you are going to inspired.

~ Angela of

P.S. Bonnie was kind enough to share her keto before and after pictures at the bottom of this post. It takes a lot of courage to share a story like this, please take a moment to give her a big “Thank You!” in the comments below.

Bonnie’s Keto Success Story

“I am a 70 year old woman who started eating Keto in February 2019 after a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

With an A1C of 9.9 and blood glucose of 280, my doctor was insisting that I begin meds immediately.

I was terrified. 

I started out on one diabetes medication which made me violently ill. Then a second medicine which also made me sick. 

I just couldn’t stand to think of spending the rest of my life either sick with diabetes or sick from the treatment. 

I truly felt that this was the beginning of the end of my life! 

But what was I to do?

My doctor told me that I HAD to take the medicine. I didn’t know much at all about diabetes or even if it was possible to control it with diet but I was determined to do it. 

I made a hard choice, and I refused to take the doctor’s orders! I decided to find a new doctor but in the meantime, I immediately stopped eating grain flour, sugar, rice, potatoes, and breads. I got a glucose meter and checked my blood glucose levels daily, and within 3 weeks of my diagnosis, my glucose was in the range of 100-130, less than half my initial reading. 

I scoured the internet for information about dietary interventions for diabetes and found SO MUCH hope! 

I found books, videos, blogs, and so many success stories from real people who had been diagnosed and who had found success through diet. This hope made me think that I could actually treat my diabetes with lifestyle and dietary changes. 

I am grateful every single day of my life for all the people who have shared their success stories, the doctors who are supportive of their patients’ efforts to help themselves, and all the encouragement that I have received from all the sources available. 

From there I started my Keto Diet in earnest, and the before and after results have been exciting. Today I’m full of hope.

So how did Keto change my life?

  • I have lost 33 pounds in five months of Keto.
  • My blood glucose continues to improve.
  • My A1C after three months of Keto was 6.1. 
  • My blood pressure has dropped lower than it has been in decades!  
  • And I have donated bags and bags of “too big” clothes. 

I don’t plan on ever needing those big clothes again because this eating plan is my forever plan! 

I’m never hungry, I’m energetic, and I feel better than I have felt for 30 years. 

One ‘drawback’ is that I am so energetic that I don’t sleep as long as I used to at night, but I feel like I always have energy to do anything I want to do. 

I am not at my goal weight but I have it in my sights! I know it’s attainable!!!

How the Three Week Keto Challenge Helped Me

The challenge helped me by keeping me focused on my goal.  

Following the challenge rules, I didn’t weigh the whole time and was surprised I’d lost 6 pounds. But the 2” off my waist, and smaller other measurements, also surprised me.

The challenge provided accountability for me, and it was fun but not too demanding.

Why I decided to share my keto success story

I am not nearly done with my work and I realize that this is a life change for me.  

I have realized that it’s not selfish to think and reflect about myself and my health. I don’t know why I have put other things before my own health and well-being for so long.  

If my story helps even one person to realize that there is hope for improvement in personal health, and that we do actually have the ability and information to take control of our own lives then it’s worthwhile to share my story.

I have friends who are facing the same diagnosis of diabetes, and yet their doctors have told them that they have to take this or that medicine, and they almost feel afraid to question it!  

I hope that as my friends hear more stories like mine, they get a second opinion and find a doctor who is willing to work with them as they take control of their own health.

~ Bonnie”

keto before and after pictures

Bonnie’s Keto Diet Before and After Pictures.

Note – You should always check with your medical professional before making a major change in diet or exercise to make sure that you don’t have any health issues that would make the change unsafe for you. If you are taking medications including (but not limited to) those for Type 2 Diabetes, you must work closely with your medical professional because your diabetic medication needs will change. You should also not hesitate to get a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th medical opinion if you and your doctor(s) disagree.  ~Angela

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9 thoughts on “Bonnie’s Keto Success Story – Keto & Diabetes

  1. Way to go, Bonnie!! Your’s is an experience to inspire. I’m so glad you shared. I did well during the challenge but have struggled this past week. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I have been eating low carb/keto since mid-January. I have been diabetic for a few years. I have lost 39 lbs., and my A1c was 5.5 over 3 months ago. I am still losing and almost never hungry.

  3. Thanks to Bonnie for giving me hope. I, too, am 70 years old. My primary physician has been trying to get me to begin the Keto program. I finally did and lost 22 lbs. Then, life happened and now I am back within 4 lbs. of where I started. Until now, I thought “why try at my age?” Well, Bonnie, if you can do it, so can I. Can’t I?

  4. Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story! I am 71 year old grandma making my own Keto life changes and have lost 29lbs since February, slower than I’d hoped but success nevertheless!

  5. That’s superb Bonnie!! I too have been trying to ketoize my life since March. I’m a recent cancer survivor that desperately needs to loose weight! I’m 64 and a gma wanting to do all the special stuff with my grands. You’re story is a much needed inspiration, Thankyou very much indeed!!

  6. Bonnie, I’m SO PROUD of you! I too have type 2 diabetes but I’m 66 years old. I’ve been floundering on Keto and just can’t seem to get it together. I’m either eating too much on some days or not enough on others. You’re story has given me fresh encouragement, thank you SO much.

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