3 Week No Cook Keto Challenge

No Cook Keto Challenge

The 3 Week No Cook Keto Challenge

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In just 3 weeks, you can become a fat burning machine.

Are you ready?

Commit to this challenge and find out if you will be the internet’s next viral Keto Before and After Story.

Do you find the Keto Diet Complex & Confusing?

Most keto beginners do, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With me as your keto guide, you’ll find that starting a keto diet is both simple and easy.

I’ve put together everything you need to succeed in your 3 Week Keto Challenge!

You’ll use my No Cook Keto Meal Plan where all the planning is done.

Plus, my No Cook Keto Cookbook gives you meal variety.

We Make Starting Keto Stupid Simple.

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Why is The No Cook Keto 3 Week Challenge The Easiest Way to Start Keto?


Everything you need to easily start a keto diet.  Keto Diet Basics, Menus, Recipes, Macros, Shopping Lists, and Self Evaluation Form.  Nearly 80 Crazy Easy Recipes!


All the work is done for you. Daily menus including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. Shop local or online with links provided.

Short & Sweet

Everything you need two downloadable PDF Books.  Includes four pages of keto basics, then menus, shopping lists, and more crazy easy no cook keto recipes.

Email Support

Includes our No Cook Keto Daily Support Emails to help you succeed while building your keto knowledge in a few minutes each day.

Being self-employed for nearly our whole lives, we committed long ago to always treat people like we want to be treated.  In this case, that means that we want you to always be confident that you got your money’s worth. – Angela

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Take the 3 Week Keto Challenge!

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No Cook Keto Meal Plan Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Do you have questions?   

Contact Me – Angela

Just $29.99


What other 3 Week Keto Challengers are saying.

5 Star Review of No Cook Keto

Day 5 and Feeling Good!

November 10, 2018

No Cook Keto Meal Plan | Verified Purchase

I purchased your book and I am on day 5 of the 21 day No Cook Meal Plan.  I have really found the meal plan easy to adhere to so far and I feel good.Sarah

5 Star Review of No Cook Keto

My Doctor said “Keep Doing It!”

January 7, 2019

No Cook Keto Meal Plan | Verified Purchase

Just got back from the doctor and she said I’ve lost 12.4 lbs in 1 month! She said whatever I’m doing, keep doing it.Melissa

5 Star Review of No Cook Keto

I’m loving it.

January 17, 2019

No Cook Keto Meal Plan | Verified Purchase

I’m doing the 3 week no cook diet. It’s a godsend. It helped me quick start and learn as I go along. I’m loving it. One week = 8 lbs!Melissa

5 Star Review of No Cook Keto

Wish I had started sooner

January 22, 2019

No Cook Keto Meal Plan | Verified Purchase

Trust me I was in the same position as you, and here I am still doing it day 20, there have been a day here or there where I sort of “cheated” but honestly I felt horrible because I over ate. Keto food keeps me full and once you start doing keto the old ways will not make you feel good. I wish I had started sooner.Mamoona

5 Star Review of No Cook Keto

Wish I had started sooner

February 13, 2019

No Cook Keto Meal Plan | Verified Purchase

Thank you so much!!!! I love this diet!!!! It’s the first time in years I’ve felt comfortable AND confident taking the plunge!!!!Darcci

Ready to Start Keto?


Angela Davis

With a Bachelors in Anthropology and a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, “No Cook Keto” is the child of a lifetime of learning and  over a decade of coaching local clients to their wellness goals with a ketogenic diet.

What does “No Cook Keto Meal Plan” look like?

Check out these screen shots of the downloadable meal plan.

What’s the Plan?

Clear & Concise to be respectful of your time.  If you don’t want to read a keto book to start your Keto Diet, this meal plan is for you.

Week 1 Menu

Includes three weeks of menus.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.  

Simple Recipes

Super easy No Cook Keto Recipes with your Keto Macros Included.

Just $29.99

Start the rest of your life today. Take the Keto Challeng